Thursday, March 23, 2017

HGH Use: Know How To Ensure Your Kids Safety

You may have heard about the wonders HGH can give your body, fitness-wise. However, this synthetic form of the growth hormone was first used to treat growth problems especially among children. This is administered among kids who are abnormally smaller than their age.

Your child may be having problems with “growth” and his endocrinologist recommends treatment with Human Growth Hormone injections. You may have heard about the effectiveness of this medication as well as the associated risks. You may be caught in between and making a decision isn’t always easy.

Background Check: How HGH Came About

Endocrinologists believe in the effectiveness of Human Growth Hormone among dwarf children. This is derived from cadavers and is processed to eliminate viable disease causing organisms from the hormone. A study on rats showed that when cells secreting GH are injected, the thymus gland of the said animal enlarges to its healthy size.

It was in 1982 when 31 children of short stature were injected with the pituitary hormone. That experiment proved the effectiveness of the drug in treating growth problems. Twenty-nine of the subjects showed improvements as manifested by a higher growth response. This is a significant finding that vouches for the benefit your child may get once HGH treatment is started.

Another supporting data that can prove the safety and effectiveness of HGH treatment is that your body does not have antibodies against this synthetic substance. This is good news for you and for some who are interested to have shots of it for nonmedical purposes such as in developing large muscles.

Avoiding the Consequences

By now, you may be convinced on how HGH can treat growth hormone deficiencies and other benefits. What you do not know is that there are different physiological reactions to it. It may lead to ear infection, visual changes, abdominal pain, nausea, headache and vomiting. The list does not end here. Your child may also develop side effects such as rashes, breast enlargement, joint and muscle pain, swelling of the hands or lower legs and fatigue. These untoward effects may also manifest among adults like you who undergo the treatment.

If this synthetic hormone is administered to normal children, it may cause serious illnesses such as diabetes, bone abnormalities, arteriosclerosis, hypertension and even liver and kidney problems. Some researches link HGH use among normal adults to the development of colon cancer. However, frequent clinic visits may prevent serious complications and treat existing ones promptly.

Following the Course of Treatment

Treatment with HGH lasts until your child reaches the normal or acceptable height. You may appreciate the changes after 3 or 4 months of treatment. The rate of growth slows down after this. It may help your child regain his appetite and also eliminate body fat. Past researches and current studies prove that HGH injections are indeed effective among children with growth hormone problems.

There is hope for your child. This hormonal problem may be corrected with HGH injections. There may be risks yet they are preventable and there can also be benefits that can outweigh the said risks.

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