Monday, March 27, 2017

Guide to Use Human Growth Hormone

You don’t take anything you do not know. Let us first familiarize with what HGH is. How does it give you the muscles of that of the professional athletes and bodybuilders? Know how it benefited Hollywood stars and how they are able to enjoy the effects it offers.

How Can Human Growth Hormone Make You Mr. America?

HGH as what it is sometimes referred to is a synthetic form of the body’s growth hormone. It is extracted from cadavers and is put to a purification process. Where does this come from? Naturally, it is produced by your pituitary gland, a pea sized gland that carries out tremendous job. It controls your metabolism. For someone like you who wants to stay fit, you must befriend your metabolism.

Today, HGH is used to restore vitality and youth. This is another benefit you can get from it aside from its effectiveness against growth hormone deficiencies. For these, this synthetic hormone is referred to as a recreational drug that promises you large muscles and a younger look to your body. However, possession of this drug without the prescription is considered illegal and punishable by law.

How to Take It

The two ways on how to administer HGH are through the intramuscular route and the subcutaneous route of injecting drugs. Since this drug is not identical to the natural hormone in the body (Remember, it is synthetic), it is recommended that you take it using the right approach. This applies to all medications though. You can’t take an oral solution as an injection. To make the long story short, it is to prevent complications that come with the misuse of the agent.

Here are the Steps to Safety

The intramuscular (IM) route is the preferred means of administering HGH. In giving it via IM, first, make sure what you have is a vial of the drug for injection. Use an aspirating needle to get the drug from its container. Use a cotton swab with alcohol to wipe the rubber stopper. Replace it thereafter with a different needle used for intramuscular injection. You need a sharp one in administering the drug because a dull one may cause you more pain.

Next, disinfect the site of injection with an alcohol swab. This is to eliminate microorganisms on the skin. Instead of giving the drug at a 90 degree angle, administer it at 45 instead. You may find it very painful since you are puncturing the muscle. However, it is the faster way to allow HGH to your system. Are you afraid of needles? It is the most effective way though.

Who Can Administer It?

Now that you know how it is administered, are you allowed to give it to yourself? Are you a licensed healthcare personnel or someone who is a certified IV therapist? If not then leave the work to the one who has the title. This is to ensure your safety. This means that a bodybuilder can’t inject the drug himself to a gym buddy. There are risks that you need to consider in the use of this synthetic substance.

Also, you must have a prescription before you can get hold of the drug for use. Have yourself assessed by your doctor and enjoy the benefits that the Human Growth Hormone can give you.

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